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Why Cirrus?

There are thousands of financial advisors and advisory firms. Chances are you could drive a few miles from your home and stumble across a number of them. There are advertisements everywhere-you can’t watch your favorite TV program or read your favorite magazine without being exposed to financial planners and investments. The fact is, it is an extremely competitive industry and can be challenging for investors to find the right fit. As such, allow us to share some of the differences Cirrus Retirement Solutions provides its clients.


Many financial advisors claim to be independent. While that may be true to a certain extent, often times they are limited to certain advice and financial products.  Our advice is custom tailored to fit the independent needs of each client. We offer our clients a full range of securities and insurance products in our portfolios to help maximize efficiency, increase diversification, and take advantage of opportunities. (For a list of our product offerings, click Cirrus Products)


It can be easy for financial advisors to become complacent with certain investments they recommend clients. Whether it’s a mutual fund company they’ve used for years, or an insurance company they’ve always written business with; it’s easy to have a bias towards certain companies. At Cirrus Retirement Solutions, we remain unbiased when recommending financial advice. We have access to dozens of insurance companies and thousands of securities, so keeping informed and constantly researching investments for our clients is at the cornerstone of our business. With the investment landscape continuously changing, shouldn’t you have a financial advisor that changes with it?


Some financial advisors are in the business to make a quick sale just to make you a “client”. At Cirrus Retirement Solutions, we are a comprehensive financial advising firm. In addition to retirement planning and investment strategies, we also assist clients with other needs such as: Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Estate Planning Guidance. We strive to ensure that all facets of your retirement and financial plan remain consistent with your long-term goals.



How often do you hear from your financial advisor? We schedule face-to-face meetings at a minimum of annually, and as frequent as quarterly depending on the scale of your financial plan. Do you feel like you’re just a number? At Cirrus Retirement Solutions, we have voluntarily capped the amount of clients we have in order to produce the finest in client services. All of our clients have direct access to Aaron C. Tice to ensure that all questions and concerns are handled by a financial professional-not a secretary or support personnel. Do you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth? At Cirrus, we strive and pride ourselves to literally go the extra mile. The majority of our meetings are held in the comfort of your own home, and at a time that is convenient for you. Shouldn’t you expect more from a financial advisor?



One of the main reasons why we became independent is because we witnessed too many “cookie cutter” type plans. We believe your portfolio should be as unique as you are-incorporating strategies, advice, and financial products that are designed to meet your goals.

For all of these reasons and many more, Cirrus Retirement Solutions is different from the competition. Contact us today at (763)355-9945 or for a complimentary meeting and financial forecast. See why Cirrus Retirement Solutions helps to forecast a clearer financial future!