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Cirrus Retirement Solutions offers a myriad of different investment options and insurance products; all designed to address the needs of each client. In addition to retirement planning and investments strategies, we also assist clients with other needs such as: Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Estate Planning guidance.

Becoming a Cirrus Retirement Solutions client

Becoming a Cirrus Retirement Solutions client is an easy process. In our first consultation, we will develop a profile for you based on several factors, including: your personality and background, past investment experience, risk tolerance, current and future financial needs, estate planning assessment, and insurance needs. Based on your profile, we will discuss ways to enhance your current and future financial plan through Cirrus Retirement Solutions strategies.

Second Consultation Meeting

In our second consultation, we will go through your custom made Financial Forecast based on your current financial plan and the recommended changes by Cirrus Retirement Solutions. At this time we address any questions, concerns, and explanations for each of the recommended solutions. With your approval, we move on to the implementation phase of your financial make-over.

Third Consultation Meeting

Our third consultation is where we implement all of the recommendations by Cirrus Retirement Solutions. All transactions and paperwork are personally overseen by Aaron C. Tice to ensure quality and to speed the process. Once all of the enhancements have been made to your financial plan, we meet for our fourth consultation. In this meeting we go through your new financial plan in detail and we will deliver your Financial Log Book.

Once your financial plan has been properly implemented, your professional relationship with us at Cirrus truly begins. As we work hard to reach all of your financial goals, you will have full access to us for any financial needs. Also, we will set up strategic meeting times throughout the year to keep you informed on how your investments are performing, to update your Financial Log Book, and to ensure that we are addressing all of your needs.