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Our Approach

You have been working hard and saving money towards the ultimate goal of retirement.

But, is it enough? Can I afford retirement? Will I run out of money…?

Our Approach at Cirrus is to answer those questions first through a series of Savings and Financial Forecasts. Upon completion, you will know if you are on track towards retirement or where improvements can be made.

The next step is going through and analyzing your investments:

Are they suitable for your risk tolerance? Is there overlapping of investments and strategies? Are you paying too high of fees? Are they actually working towards your goals?

At Cirrus, we’ll be able to answer those questions and make recommendations that are tailored to your needs.

After your investment strategies have been analyzed and improved upon, we’ll go through the rest of your financial plan and see if there are shortcomings:

Are your insurance needs being met or are they running as efficiently as possible? What type of Estate Plan do I need? How do I navigate Social Security and Medicare?

At Cirrus you will have access to all the resources you need to navigate all of those challenges and to have a complete financial plan.

The last step of Our Approach is to package all of your vital financial information and deliver your Financial Log Book.

This will act as your resource guide and it will be gone through during scheduled financial reviews.